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Talisman Cue Tips

As many of you already know Talisman, one of the leading cue tip makers is in the process of launching a new tip and currently has it in beta. I was hoping to do a full review of the new tips here but unfortunately my beta tips have been delayed due to packaging problems. However Talisman will be releasing them very soon and from what I am hearing they will be well worth the wait.

Talisman has a mailing list so I suggest you signup here – Talisman Cue Tips Mailing List and get on the list, even if you don’t make it onto the beta program players on the list will be offered discounted tips when they are launched. Personally I really like Talisman Tips, I know they’ve had some issues in the past but the customer service has been second to none.

For further information see their website or Facebook Page:



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